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Fanash Family Law Services

Fanash Family Law, P.C.

Your Family Matters


A Legal Team You Can Trust​

Client service and advocacy is what Fanash Family Law, P.C. stands for. Whatever your concern, Fanash Family Law, P.C. strives to exceed your expectations.  We pride ourselves on providing extraordinary attention to each and every client. Our area of practices is family law; divorce, annulment, paternity cases, modification of parenting plan, modification of alimony, prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements.


With Fanash Family Law, P.C. you will always have the personal attention you and your children deserve. We will closely work with you and we will always be available to guide you through your legal needs because your family does matter. Give us a call today so we can help you. 


​We do not offer a one-size fits-all solution. Some people need full representation using every legal tool in the tool-box. Others need a lawyer who is behind the scenes providing drafting, strategy, and advice. 


We offer financing and fixed prices. Whatever you need, we have the best Family Law Attorney for you.  


What our clients say

Attorney Fanash is excellent!


I hired attorney Fanash for my divorce case. At the beginning, they tried to talk with my partner to make an agreement, but he left America going home to Egypt. So, we went to the courthouse. Attorney Fanash did a good job and I got my divorce, alimony, full custody of my children, and child support for my kids. Fanash Family Law is honest and fair. I will never ever forget what they did. 

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