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Zuhair D. Fanash

Founding Partner


Attorney Zuhair D. Fanash has been practicing law for more than 13 years. Attorney Fanash has focused his career in the area of Family Law exclusively. During law school, at the University of Denver School of Law, Attorney Fanash had internships with the Colorado Court of Appeals, the Denver district attorney’s office, and with two litigation firms.  


After graduating from the University of Denver law school, Attorney Fanash accepted a position as fellow with the Eighteenth Judicial District. “The internships and fellowship experience allowed me to see the judges’ perspective and how judges dealt with and analyzed family law issues. Working closely with judges and skillful litigators taught me that good advocacy, preparation, and aggressive representation is very important to reach resolutions in or out of the courtroom.”

Law Attorney


Attorney Fanash approaches each case as the completely unique situation that it is. Sensitivity and understanding sometimes resolve matters without the need of the court’s involvement; however, in other circumstances, the case calls for aggressive and persistent advocacy. “My job will be to assess your particular factual situation, your goals, and objectives in order to work with you on developing a legal strategy that will allow us to address your situation and meet your needs.”


Attorney Fanash's legal education, experience, negotiation and litigation skills, is why attorney Fanash has been extremely successful. Give attorney Fanash a call and see what he can do to help you maneuver through the complicated legal system and achieve your goal.

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