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Contract Law Attorney

If you need an Orlando, Florida business contract attorney, then contact The Law House of Orlando, P.A. We can review and help draft business management agreements and handle contract disputes.



Interested in learning more about business contracts, how they work, and our services?


If you own your own business, you’ll likely need to enter into business contracts or sign business contracts with other parties, businesses, or people. Contact The Law House of Orlando, P.A. and our lawyer can assist you with your business contract needs. Whether you need a contract reviewed or need to draw up a contract to protect your interests, The Law House of Orlando, P.A. can help you. When hiring new employees, entering into business partnerships, supplying goods, or completing projects, it helps to have clear business contracts in place. At The Law House of Orlando, P.A. our business attorney can help you with a range of needs. Business contracts are at the heart of almost every transaction that a business performs, particularly when dealing with other businesses. For example, if you run a restaurant and you find a new distributor or supplier for your ingredients, you’ll sign a distributor agreement, outlining their responsibilities to you, how much you’ll pay for their services, and what happens if either party fails to live up to their responsibilities. Another example would be when you hire a new employee. Your new employee may have to sign an employee agreement, a non-compete, and several other documents, to protect your company from liability, and outline the responsibilities of both the employer and the employee.
 Almost every interaction you have with another company, client, or even a customer may involve a contract. The complexity of these contracts will vary, based on your industry and the size of your company. They could range from a simple and easy-to-understand one or two-page document to an enormous, binder-sized agreement. Call The Law House of Orlando, P.A. and schedule an appointment with attorney Fanash to go over your needs and how we can protect you. 

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